Simon Warchol


About Me

PhD Student in Computer Science in the Visual Computing Group at Harvard SEAS.

My research focuses on visual analytics and visualization of biomedical data.

Currently working with the Lab of Systems Pharmacology, working with multi-channel microscopy data.

I was raised in St. Louis, MO and have lived in Cambridge, MA since 2015.

I have some other interests. They include:


A flexible and scalable application for the analysis and display of multiplexed cell tissue data.

Developed between the Visual Computing Group at the John A. Paulson School Of Engineering And Applied Sciences and the Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology at Harvard Medical School.

Assessing bias in NLP embeddings and transformer-based models. Using fine-tuning on BERT to mitigate this bias.

Final Project for AC295, “Topics in Applied Computation: Advanced Practical Data Science.”

Population prediction via CNNs and geospatial imagery

Using Google Earth Engine, satellite imagery, and Convolutional Neural Networks to predict the population of US Census Tracks.

Final Project for Michael Brenner’s APMTH 216 “Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering.”

Parallel Graph Algorithms

Hybrid parallel implementations of graph algorithms in MPI and OpenMP.

Final Project for CS205, “Computing Foundations for Computational Science.”

Visualizing Mass Incarceration

Visualizing mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline in the US with D3.

Final Project for CS171.


Lightweight chrome extension written in JavaScript and JQuery to dynamically hide and display Reddit sidebars depending on window dimensions and subreddit styling.

Visualizing NBA team & player defense using Processing.js.

NBA Height & Weight Trends

Scraping Basketball-Reference with Beautiful Soup and visualizing the trends in these data with D3.