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NBA Height and Weight Data

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Welcome to the NBA Height/Weight Dataset. This project began as a simply Python script to scrape Height and Weight of player from Basketball-Reference. Right now, outputs in the format of a CSV file as follows:

$ python > myData.csv

However, most users will simply want access to the datasets. They can download this dataset from the download bar at the top.

NBA Player Physique Trends

Here are some visualizations of the trends in NBA players' heights and weights

Average NBA Height & Weight (1955-2014)

Interestingly, the average height of a NBA player has plateaued, while weight continues to increase at a slow and gradual rate. I had initially sepculated that given the NBA has become increasingly international, the average height and weight would have continued to increase over recent years. According to a press release from 2010, "At the end of the 2009-10 regular season, the NBA featured 79 international players from 35 countries and territories on team rosters (both active and inactive). In comparison, ten years ago NBA rosters featured 45 international players from 28 countries and territories on opening night of the 2000-01 season." This, however, doesn't seem to be the case.

Authors and Contributors

Project by Simon Warchol. Feel free to contact me at me (at)

Used Malcolm Maclean's D3 Tips and Tricks for the charts.